Monday, November 9, 2020


Biiiiiig updates!

      I ought to learn by now to post on here more. The long update has proven fruitful...Because we've been working on a pretty serious script for a minute. It's now possible to raise ferals as cattle!

Currently, you can only buy them from the cattle shop...Which opens after your second house upgrade! The south path at the bus stop unlock this map area if you meet the goals.

What would you even DO with cattle-fied bunny folk? Just like farm animals from familiar farming games...You can brush them, collect milk/fur/eggs from them, raise their affection...breed them together either through a mating pen or a special insemination syringe: the normal stuff!

The entire cooking script got a makeover as well! You still trigger the cooking menu from the stove, but it uses a cleaner, easier script with multi-variation recipe support!

There are also plenty of other changes to go over through the changelog, happy gaming!

Thursday, February 27, 2020

Wow! Chores!

      I haven't made a good post update in a while. I will spare the details, but it has been neglected for too long. Regardless, I have been updating the game even without giving the blog site some tlc. The most exciting update in this version? Well there's a few...

Side quests! Also known as...CHORES!!!

 The quest board at the hunting guild actually has a use now! Instead of standing around with no use, it not generates a 1 or 2 star level quest for the player to do! While it generates one daily, you can reroll for another quest if you feel like paying to do so. Have a bunch of hoarded items you know you'll never use? Just need some extra money without using precious stamina? Check the board!
The other big update? An extra detail in the pregnancy fetish part of the game...The self notebook has been update!

A small addition to it, yes. But along with the chance of getting pregnant with multiples, you also have an inside visual for the player! NPCS will soon have this system fleshed out for them as well in the notebook item.

Other additions have been updated, so check out the change log for more.

Tuesday, October 2, 2018


      New update is out. 2 fresh new NPCs added to the game as well as the option to change 2 male NPCs to female ones. Also have the first step towards the enemy system put in. We have male and female lagomorphs in the woods now. Can either be beaten or lost to [and then ravaged by...] at the moment. Victory sex scenes will be put in once these have been tested and error patched enough.

Players who got to test the earlier release have helped patch up some irritating issues for this current update [Thank you all again~!]. Areas of work focus right now include giving you more options for intimacy with your wolf buddy and finishing up a few NPC profiles.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

For the Sake of Science

      Late post is late. If you haven't been following the discussion on discord then you probably missed the announcement of 2 new npcs being drafted into the next release.

The first basic human npcs to be added to the game, Sabine and Misha will play important roles in the main storyline of the collars and also offer useful services to the player. This will include the option to completely change genders among other things.

More to be added soon.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Gigolos and Tarts

      As announced in the last update, work uniforms were being worked on for the next core release. Sprite changes and pregnancy edits have been included in this update, so there are no holes in these additions~

Lactation edits are also making decent progress to completion, so the next release is still looking bright. Along with these additions, bugs are still being found and quickly patched as they are noticed and brought up.

Friday, October 27, 2017

The Core Updates

      Since most of the core was finished, most of the game-breaking bugs seemed to be easily fixed, and a few new tester systems were pushed out, expanding on the core systems. One of them including a job branch and even a male fertility system to match the female cycle script. Even with both devs having full time jobs and my recent false-labor hospital trips, the fixes and updates seem to be going smoother than expected due to having the core set up ideally.

--Features being worked on for next release--

Alternate options to main story sex scenes.
Skip feature for cut scenes.
More client content for the prostitution branch.
Expanded internal shots.
Option to disable internal shots during sex scenes.
Sub-npc content, including Ash and Betty profiles/story.
Updated lactation support.
More to come...

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

The Core

      For the last few months, Paws and I have stated that we want to get all the system bits
and main scripts done before we make a major release on the game, which we have nicknamed 'The Core'....Well, we are pleased to announce that we have completed the most basic level of the release...

While there are still SOME systems to put in, they are all npc-related, and would be better to get added in together with the new character designs. The major ones are all complete, and the beginner town + surrounding maps are done. There is a bit of saucy content in the core, but most of this will be added in through future releases.

But the main 'tutorial' quest line is complete and most of the base house systems are fully operational. Most information on the game mechanics can be read about in the library in town.

Sorry for the long wait, we hope you all enjoy the core. As always, keep us notified on the bugs and issues.