Tuesday, October 2, 2018


      New update is out. 2 fresh new NPCs added to the game as well as the option to change 2 male NPCs to female ones. Also have the first step towards the enemy system put in. We have male and female lagomorphs in the woods now. Can either be beaten or lost to [and then ravaged by...] at the moment. Victory sex scenes will be put in once these have been tested and error patched enough.

Players who got to test the earlier release have helped patch up some irritating issues for this current update [Thank you all again~!]. Areas of work focus right now include giving you more options for intimacy with your wolf buddy and finishing up a few NPC profiles.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

For the Sake of Science

      Late post is late. If you haven't been following the discussion on discord then you probably missed the announcement of 2 new npcs being drafted into the next release.

The first basic human npcs to be added to the game, Sabine and Misha will play important roles in the main storyline of the collars and also offer useful services to the player. This will include the option to completely change genders among other things.

More to be added soon.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Gigolos and Tarts

      As announced in the last update, work uniforms were being worked on for the next core release. Sprite changes and pregnancy edits have been included in this update, so there are no holes in these additions~

Lactation edits are also making decent progress to completion, so the next release is still looking bright. Along with these additions, bugs are still being found and quickly patched as they are noticed and brought up.

Friday, October 27, 2017

The Core Updates

      Since most of the core was finished, most of the game-breaking bugs seemed to be easily fixed, and a few new tester systems were pushed out, expanding on the core systems. One of them including a job branch and even a male fertility system to match the female cycle script. Even with both devs having full time jobs and my recent false-labor hospital trips, the fixes and updates seem to be going smoother than expected due to having the core set up ideally.

--Features being worked on for next release--

Alternate options to main story sex scenes.
Skip feature for cut scenes.
More client content for the prostitution branch.
Expanded internal shots.
Option to disable internal shots during sex scenes.
Sub-npc content, including Ash and Betty profiles/story.
Updated lactation support.
More to come...

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

The Core

      For the last few months, Paws and I have stated that we want to get all the system bits
and main scripts done before we make a major release on the game, which we have nicknamed 'The Core'....Well, we are pleased to announce that we have completed the most basic level of the release...

While there are still SOME systems to put in, they are all npc-related, and would be better to get added in together with the new character designs. The major ones are all complete, and the beginner town + surrounding maps are done. There is a bit of saucy content in the core, but most of this will be added in through future releases.

But the main 'tutorial' quest line is complete and most of the base house systems are fully operational. Most information on the game mechanics can be read about in the library in town.

Sorry for the long wait, we hope you all enjoy the core. As always, keep us notified on the bugs and issues.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Chatty cats on Discord

Hello everyone! I bet you were real excited with all those news before, right? Well, lucky for you, we decided to offer you some release until the first official release. So, we made a Discord server! Just make sure to play nice, porn industry leaves us tired of pants off action after working on the game, so keep your butts covered. Take note - we don't guarantee it will be sfw. This is a porn game chat we're talking about. Just- Just no dick pics, kay? Kay. Use the widget. See you there!

Monday, March 6, 2017

Possible Animated Bits

      Alright, been an experimental week for the game. First up, Lucy and Lucas have had their expressions altered.

Originally, I made the faces pretty much the same for both sexes, mainly to keep the numbers associated with them the same for both. However, this neutralized both of them. I ended up editing them so that Lucas keeps a more stoic face for the most part, and Lucy has slightly more exaggerated facial changes.This is to better emphasize the player gender, so the faces better fit what somebody of their sex might react like.

Now, something else I have been curious about. Animations in the old Collars were pretty much out of the question. Buuuuuuuuut with the new Collars, it is a possibility. While this would be cool to add to the game, it also adds a bunch of image files. So, the main question is: Is the possibly bigger size add-on worth the visual pleasure of animated bits? To clarify, the actual scenes might not be animated, but internal views will be. I was planning on making the bits to flow with the actual scene. For example, teasing the player with the tip will be more visually apparent and add to the detail of the scene with the internal bits. I've come up with an example of how this will look with a cumming scene. If this is something that would be worth it, I will be editing the parts up and making it better for in-game use.

With this in mind, let me know what you all think of this.